Best Level Reviews That Are Accurate for Professional and Home Use

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A level is an essential building or construction tool that indicates if a surface or object is horizontally level or vertically plumb. Whether you are building a house, a chicken coop, planning a DIY home improvement project, or hanging a picture on the wall, a highly accurate level is an indispensable gadget for your toolbox.



Maximum Accuracy

The Stabila 37816 48-Inch and 16-Inch Aluminum Box Beam Level Set is designed for the ultimate durability. The high-impact and strong aluminum frame gives you a good grip while using this tool, making it ergonomic and comfortable. The spring steel hairline indicators provides accuracy. This tool by Stabila is a versatile tool that comes in handy for any number of measuring applications. It is a must-have for carpenters, builders, metalworkers, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

Stabila 37816 48-Inch and

The oversized handholds have rubber grips to allow for a firm grip on walls and floors

Empire EM81.12 True Blue Magnetic

If you need to do some DIY renovations in a small confined space or hang a picture

Stanley Non-Magnetic Level

A highly accurate tool that is tailor-made for working in tough conditions

Sola MM Magnetic Torpedo Level

Whether you are installing shelves, cabinetmaking, or working late at night

Stabila 37816 48-Inch and

The Stabila Aluminum Box Beam Level Set is a fantastic choice for any tradesman or DIY home renovation enthusiast as the set includes a 16-inch level that has 2 vials and a 48-inch that has 3 vials. The vials contain a bright green fluid in the clear block acrylic glass that has spring steel hairline indicators, and the vials are epoxy-locked into the high-strength aluminum frame.


  • High quality
  • Excellent value for money
  • Set of 2 levels: 48-inch and 16-inch
  • Strong and lightweight wide aluminum frame
  • Bright easy to read vials


  • Expensive
  • Non-magnetic
Stanley Non-Magnetic Level

For easy placement and viewing on any surface, the special MaxEdge bridged center vial has a smooth seamless finish and the ergonomic over-molded bi-lateral handgrips help you to maintain a comfortable firm grip at almost any angle.To prevent any scratches to finished surfaces, the level has shock-absorbing heavy-duty ends caps and non-marring side bumpers for extra durability. If you need to work with metal, Stanley also makes a magnetic Fatmax 48-inch Box Beam Level.


  • High quality
  • Very good value for money
  • Affordable price
  • Unique design
  • Bright yellow color
  • Manageable size


  • Hard to see the bubble in low light
  • Can be hard to hold on some surfaces as it has no magnets

Empire EM81.12 True Blue Magnetic Tool Box Level

The US-made level has a compact design and its heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame is built strong but also lightweight enough at 5.6-ounces, so it is very easy to hold while you hang up a picture or install water pipes.

You have a lot of versatility in your hand with this little gem as its 4 glass vials are tinted with a blue fluid that allows for easy visibility in lighted areas and reliable accuracy for horizontal (level), vertical (plumb), 45° angles, and the vari-pitch dial can read the slope of a surface in 1/8-inch increments.


  • Great price
  • High quality
  • Made in the US
  • Compact
  • Heavy-duty 12-inch extruded aluminum frame
  • Excellent level for tight, confined spaces
  • Well-designed


  • Glass vial is hard to see in low light conditions
  • Magnet could be a little stronger tends to slip down on vertical surfaces
Sola MM Magnetic Torpedo Level

Whether you are installing shelves, cabinetmaking, or working late at night, the 3 patented easy-to-read dials have a 30% magnification focus plus they glow in the dark.

If you need to work in harsh outdoor conditions such as working on a constriction site, you do not have to worry about the device getting damaged if you drop it as it features a rugged design and its tough, durable cast aluminum frame is coated in a UV-protected red epoxy.


  • High quality
  • Very good value for money
  • Compact size
  • Bright red color
  • Made of durable cast aluminum with a red epoxy
  • UV protection
  • Highly accurate
  • Smart design


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
Klein Tools 935RBLT Lighted Torpedo Level

The level features durable professional-grade water and impact-resistant aluminum frame and the high-visibility bright orange color is easy to spot on the job site or workspace.

If you need to work with metal, the level’s locking track prevents the powerful rare-earth magnets from falling out and the V-groove design easily conforms to the contours of conduits and piping.


  • High quality
  • Very good price
  • Ideal for construction workers, welders, pipe-fitters, plumbers
  • Three easy-to-read bright LED high-definition vials
  • Compact
  • Durable and sturdy aluminum frame
  • Very good accuracy
  • Large, top-view vial window enables can be read from multiple angles
  • High-visibility orange body


  • LED lights are not evenly lit
  • Bulky


A level allows you to check that something is positioned at the correct angle. Often this is in either a horizontal of vertical position, but not always.

The mechanism couldn’t be simpler.

  • A bubble, captured in a liquid, is held inside a clear plastic or acrylic vial. Usually there are alignment marks.

  • One or more vials is fixed onto, or into, a beam of some kind. The beam rests on the surface to be leveled.

  • You raise or lower one end of the level until the bubble is centered in the vial, and then you make any needed markings. Job done.

Are all levels are the same? Not quite.

  • Very small “keyring” levels exist, but these are novelty items that shouldn’t be viewed as truly functional.

  • The standard DIY level, often called a torpedo level, can be found in tool boxes all over the world. Usually between five and 12 inches long, they’re an excellent multi-purpose tool. A torpedo level might have anywhere from two to four vials, giving you the ability to check horizontal, vertical, 30°, and 45° angles.

  • Carpenter and construction levels are anywhere from 14 to 48 inches in length. Usually with vials for horizontal and vertical, they occasionally have a 45° vial – or one that can be rotated to your chosen angle.

  • Post levels have three vials. The level itself is a right-angle construction that wraps around the corner of a square post. It’s self-centering if you have a round post or pipe. This enables you to check for plumb (upright) and level. Some are magnetic, and some have rubber straps to secure them to the post so you can work hands-free.

  • There are levels specifically designed for bending conduit. Some have a single vial, but most have four. They can be fitted to the conduit with a thumb screw; angles of 0°, 30°, 45°, and 90° can easily be seen as the conduit is bent.

  • Circular levels, also known as bullseye levels, are round with a single circle, a series of concentric circles, or even cross-hairs. Sometimes called inclinometers, they measure deflection in any direction. Usually they’re permanently fixed to machinery or equipment in situations where maintaining level needs to be regularly monitored.


Small, cheap levels of six to nine inches in length are often made of plastic. Frequently they have a magnetic strip embedded into one edge. Though the cost is low, accuracy can be poor.

Better levels of six to 12 inches in length are made from aluminum – often cast aluminum – which is still light but also very rigid. It’s not necessarily more durable than plastic, but these levels are better-made and thus more accurate.

Larger levels come in two forms:

  • I-Beam

As the name suggests, these levels have an I-shaped profile. It’s the same idea as construction girders. You can have considerable length and retain rigidity but not have the weight that a solid beam would have. Aluminum keeps the weight down.


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