Skechers Shoes For Women

Skechers USA, Inc. is an American footwear company. Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, the brand was founded in 1992 and is now the third largest athletic footwear brand in the United States.

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes

These women’s walking shoes have been designed as a pull-on style and to be lightweight and comfortable.  The upper has been designed with breathable mesh allowing the airflow to circulate throughout the shoe.  A heel panel overlay has been added to give this shoe added support.  A pull loop has been attached at the top of the heel section to make pulling on an easier task.  The outer sole has been designed from synthetic materials allowing quality traction on the bottom.  The inside has been lined with a soft lining to help to comfort their feet.  The bottom insole is the Skechers Goga Max high rebound offering energized steps to help with tired achy feet.  The midsole has been designed from the Parametric cushioned responsive 5 Gen for added support.  The shaft measures low top from the arch on this style.  This shoe is available in multiple colors, offering many options to those who make this purchase.  These shoes are worth their cost for many customers who have already made their purchases.


  • Lightweight and flexible women’s walking shoes
  • Quality traction and footing
  • Optimal support with the insole, midsole and outer sole


  • Shoes were too squishy for some wearers
  • Sizing seemed to be wrong for some wearers
  • Bottom of soles seemed to be slippery for some wearers

Skechers Women’s Go Walk 5 Prized Sneaker

This women’s walking shoe has been selected as an Amazon Choice in the Skechers Go Walk Women’s shoes.  This means that this shoe has received high ratings from their customers, they are reasonably priced and are ready to be shipped out when they are ordered.  This pull-on style has been made to be lightweight and flexible allowing for comfortable movements of your feet.  The upper of this shoe has been designed from a seamless breathable knit allowing the no seams to fit smooth and not rub the skin on the feet.   A pull-on loop was secured at the top of the heel area to make this shoe easier to put on.  The Skecher logo is displayed in the heel area and on the bottom of the sole of the shoe.  The outer sole is made from rubber in a Dual density Ultra Go form with comforting pillar technology.  The inside offers a smooth lining and the air cooled Goga Mat insole.  This shoe comes in a variety of 6 different colors giving you the choice to match your wardrobe.  This shoe is worth its price with all of its technology and quality comfort that it offers.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Seamless breathable knit upper
  • Outer sole with a rubber dual density ultra-Go and pillar comforting technology


  • Toe box ran too narrow for some wearers
  • The sole was squeaky for some wearers
  • Sizing didn’t work well for some wearers

Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 3.0 Sneaker

This lightweight shoe has been designed as a women’s sporty athletic look walking shoe.  The upper of this shoe has been designed from 100% breathable textile and has created a comfortable slip on shoe.  Overlays have been placed around the lacing system for a secure base.  The lacing system runs through the overlays and offers a secure fit.  An added strip has been secured to the heel area that a pull loop attaches too, allowing for an easier grip to push your foot into this shoe.  The shaft measures low top from the arch.  The Skecher logo has been displayed on the side, the heel strip and the bottom of the shoe to help complete the style of this shoe.  The outer sole has been made from rubber and has created a non-marking flexible traction outsole.  The inside of the shoe is lined with soft smooth fabric helping to comfort the foot.  The insole is the Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam comforting cushion.  This offers a cushioned energizing heel area and a moisture wicking insole.  This helps to provide pressure relief, comfort and breathability from the bottom of the shoe.  This shoe can be ordered in a choice of colors.  The quality walking shoe is worth its price for all of the quality and benefits that it offers to its customers.


  • Breathable textile and slip on upper design
  • The outer sole has been designed from rubber offering a non-marking flexible traction
  • Insole is the Skecher Air Cooled Memory Foam comforting cushion


  • May not offer the right support for all wearers
  • Sizing may not be correct for all wearers
  • Don’t seem to be as comfortable as other Skechers for some wearers

Skechers Performance Woman’s Go Step Lite-Agile Walking Shoe

This women’s walking shoe has been designed lightweight and flexible.  The upper has been made from a quality knit mesh and fabric.  The overlays around the lacing system help to support the eyelets that the laces go through on each side.  This gives the flexibility to offer a quality and comforting fit.  There is a built-in pull loop on the upper part of the heel section of the shoe to help make this shoe easier to pull on.  The Skecher logos are displayed on the side, the bottom and the tongue to complete the style and design.  The shaft measures 2.75 inches from the arch.  The outer sole of this shoe has been made from rubber and offers diamond shape traction patterns on the bottom of the sole.  The Goga Max insole has been placed at the bottom of this shoe for added comfort and support.  The inside lining offers a smooth and soft comfort to the inside of the shoe.  This shoe is offered in a variety of colors so that when you order your next new pair, you have options to choose from.  This shoe is worth its price for the benefits that it will give to your feet.


  • Lightweight and flexible pull on design
  • Goga Max insole
  • Quality rubber sole with diamond shape traction patterns


  • Sizing may not be correct for all wearers
  • Shoe design seems to hold in foot odors for some wearers
  • Shoes seem hard to get on for people that have a higher instep

Frequently Asked Questions About Skechers Walking Shoes

Can I use a Skecher Walking Shoe for A Running Shoe?

I would not recommend using any walking shoe for a running shoe.  Even though Skechers are one of the quality shoe brands on the market, when you select a walking shoe, that shoe has been designed for walking.  It gives your feet the flexibility to move freely in areas that your foot will naturally use for walking.  When you are running your feet will flex in different areas and will need additional flexibility in different areas.  I would think you would be more prone to causing injuries to your feet or muscles and maybe having to sit out a bit to let your injury heal.  To me it would not be worth the chance.  Some of the walking shoes may be okay to wear to the gym and use on some of the machines, but even with that I would check with a fitness coach and make doubly sure that they are comforting and give your feet the support that you need.  The walking shoes also offer a variety of support depending upon which style that you have selected for walking, running many times will also require different levels of support depending upon the type of runner that you are.

How Do I Know Which Insoles Are the Best in My Skechers Walking Shoes?

Like most everything else it is going to be a matter of opinion and what works best for each individual person.  Everyone’s feet and comfort level are different.  My preference for my every day shoes is the Skecher Memory Foam.  They make you feel like you are standing on a cloud.  I have to have comfort and support in my shoes and the memory foam is designed to be for fitting and will shape to the bottom of your feet offering a personalized fit and support.  The ones that I purchased, have been designed with a removable insert so that I can purchase another memory insole and replace it allowing the new fresh feeling inside of my shoe again.  With the memory foam it seems to allow me to stand or walk more than most inserts have without as much foot or leg pain.  In my research there are also people that love some of the other types of insole such as the Goga’s.  It is going to depend upon your feet and how much support that you require.  Unfortunately, as we get older sometimes the level of support that is needed will also change.  If you work out and walk the track on a regular basis and as your muscles strengthen, that can change the level of support that you will need.   My best recommendation, is if you are on your feet and your feet start hurting, get another insole and protect your feet.

Are the Go Walk Series a Good Skecher Shoe?

From what I have seen on the reviews, many customers love the Go Walk Series.  They are designed to be very lightweight and offer a great flexible design.  The uppers of the shoe is created mainly from a mesh or a knit type with pores so that the shoe is very breathable, helping to keep your feet cool and dry.  Most of them are designed with the Air-Cooled Memory foam that also offers airflow and moisture wicking helping to keep your feet to stay cooler.  In the summertime when you are walking or working out and your feet are sweating, this helps a lot with your body temperature.  It also helps to keep your feet from sliding around inside of your shoes, giving you more comfort and stability.  With the added moisture wicking, it helps to also keep the foul odors from forming inside of your shoes as bad.  When a shoe is not breathable, the moisture can build up inside of your shoe and could cause your foot to slip inside losing stability and balance.  It can also allow bacteria to build up and cause bad odors and even infections to your feet.  These shoes are machine washable so you can wash them to keep them clean and smelling fresh.  Do not put them in the dryer, let them air dry.

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