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It is an art of being able to create vases or bowls or anything that needs to be symmetrical around a rotating axis. It’s an intriguing art that needs both the woodturner and the tools being used to be on top of their game.Shop Fox is Woodstock International’s most famous machinery line – the products from this range are among the most renowned metalworking and woodworking devices in the U.S. The brand has earned its reputation for excellent construction quality and high performance, which are precisely the things most handymen are looking for.


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Featuring pretty solid construction, this floor press drill offers reliable operation and dependable performance

Shop Fox W1848 – The Basics

Due to the model’s sanding capability, there are also a couple of dust ports. These are very easy to clean, and that’s always a big plus in our book.

Shop Fox W1852

from between 100RPM to 3200RPM. This means that you can work on both large and small turning projects.

FOX W1706 Bandsaw

The design of the machine is standard. A unique aspect of the tool is that it can be changed into a vertical unit easily.

Shop Fox W1820

Wide span easy glide T-fence system with positive camlock and phenolic face and smooth gliding nylon runners

Shop Fox W1848 – The Basics

Featuring pretty solid construction, this floor press drill offers reliable operation and dependable performance. Its powerful 3/4 HP motor features variable speed, and as such can be used in 12 different settings between 250 and 3,050 RPM. The machine has the overall height of 63″ and a large (12-3/8″ dia.) table that can be tilted 90° to both right and left.

But the thing that makes this drill stand out from the competition is its sanding capability. With just a couple of tool-free steps, one can convert this drill from drilling to sanding operations and enjoy a smooth finish when sanding.

Things we liked about it

Just like the other press drills from the Shop Fox line, the W1848 has also managed to impress us with its construction quality. The fact that it’s much larger and heavier than W1667 and W1668 makes this drill very stable, so it’s a real joy to work on it. We have only words of praise for the unit’s table – it’s large and can be adjusted to several different positions and will surely accommodate every workpiece in the best possible way.

The drill’s 3/4 HP engine makes short work of all kinds of materials and allows the user to use it in 12 different speed settings. This is the kind of flexibility that we consider necessary on these types of power tools – the W1848 definitely ticks the box. The fact that it can be used for sanding is yet another bonus and something that just might turn this machine into a centerpiece of your workshop.

Things we didn’t like

This floor drill press has no laser alignment system, which is not a big issue, although we would have certainly liked to see it included. It’s something that provides additional accuracy and can be found on much cheaper models than W1848.

Furthermore, we didn’t like that the unit comes with vague instructions. Those who never assembled this type of a power tool before (or simply aren’t mechanically inclined) will find the whole process of assembly quite challenging. There’s no inventory list and the parts are not labeled.

Shop FOX W1706 Bandsaw

The design of the machine is standard. A unique aspect of the tool is that it can be changed into a vertical unit easily. The tool is extremely user friendly with easy to use features. The wheels of the bandsaw are made of sturdy quality and helps cutting the metal efficiently. The vise that controls the material to be cut is highly flexible and can cut the metal from 0 to 60 degrees.


Things we liked about this bandsaw:

There are a lot of the things we liked about this model of FOX bandsaw. The foremost is that the model can very well-adapt to any application. In short, no matter what shapes or size you want to give to a material, the Fox W175 bandsaw would make it happen with the little efforts

Things we do not like:

The only thing we did not like is that in case of overheating, the bandsaw does not have an in-built cooling system. In the long run, heating issue can damage the tool badly.

Shop Fox W1852

If you want a product that is smooth and symmetrical, you need to look for a lathe that has the right amount of capacity and torque. Different manufacturers specialise in this and yet it is not all that do a great job.

Knowing the projects that you expect to be working on, will also help you handpick the right lathe for you. 

If this is your first time buying a wood lathe, then it may all seem overwhelming. This is why it is important to know what you will want to be turning so that you get an efficient lathe.

Performance Review

This lathe is a powerful woodturning tool that has amazing capacity and woodturning capabilities. It has a low-speed range of between 100 RPM and  1200 RPM.  It has a high-speed range of between 330 RPM and 3200RPM. 


It is important to make sure that you always read the manual and take the necessary precautions when you are working with this lathe, just like with any other woodworking machine. Always make sure that you are wearing the right protective gear. Eyewear will keep your eyes protected. 

Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch fe

Shopping for a table saw, can be both exciting and difficult. There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind if you are to get an efficient saw to give you the type of cuts that are necessary for your project. 

Table saws are great for making angled cuts and doing this accurately. The W1820 10inch 3HP cabinet table saw, has several features that you should find useful in your projects. The motor is a powerful 3HP motor. The table has more than enough space for you to work on, as it has expandable wings, giving you a massive table. 



  • Is hard wearing and durable and will last a long time

  • Is easy to use and the manual is easy to  understand 

  • Can cut through any wood type (soft and hard)

  • Comes with very sharp blades 

  • It is adjustable

  • It has an adjustable height which means that you can have the table at your preferred height. 

  • It is durable


  • It is not as cheap as other blades to buy

  • Quite harmful if one is not careful when handling it

  • The manual is not very clear, and this can make set up difficult

What are Key Features of a Table Saw?


The weight of a machine is an important consideration. The heavier it is, the more stable the machine becomes in use, and you will keep vibration to a minimum. It also provides a good indication of the quality of the internal components used during the manufacture. Unless a portable machine is required for site use, a cast iron table saw is far better for supporting large sheets or heavy, solid timbers.

Blade Rise, Fall and Tilt

Using a table saw safely, accurately and to its full capacity means that it is necessary to adjust the height of the blade and its angle. Most machines feature separate handles and mechanisms with acme threads for precise, easy height adjustment and accurate blade tilt.

Internal Construction and Trunnions

The trunnions on a table saw are crucial as this mechanism supports the motor and saw unit. It should be robustly constructed to provide the strength and rigidity to enable it to carry the considerable weight of the motor and both the saw blade adjustment mechanisms. 

Cast iron is the material of choice as it meets all the requirements whilst adding extra weight to the saw. The trunnions are machined for accurate and smooth operation when tilting the saw blade. They are bolted to the frame to isolate the table from any vibration further and provide added support.

Rip Fence and Rails

Accurate ripping or straight cutting requires a dependable and precise rip fence. It should be sturdy enough to support the wood and provide adjustment to ensure accuracy concerning the blade and table. You should be able to adjust the fence so that it ends just past the center position of the blade. This will avoid the timber binding against the fence, the result of which may be ‘kickback.’

Mitre Fence and Slots

Table saws are provided with twin slots, one on each side of the blade, which means that you can use the miter fence in either. All table saws are provided with miter fences, and you can upgrade these if you deem them necessary. You will improve the accuracy of the cut if the sliding table accessory is used with the saw. This is due to the movement tolerance of the miter fence in the slot being removed.

Sliding Tables

This is either a built-in beam, which is part of the table itself and runs close to the edge of the blade or an optional sliding table accessory. Both of which will enable more accurate miter cuts in addition to giving more support when sawing sheet materials.


This is a heavy-duty table saw and has a wide-spanning table which is great for performance sake. This is a precision ground and polished cast iron table. It has iron trunnions as well as a square tubing frame. This table is dimensionally stable. One look at it, and you get the sense that it is a sturdy table that will do the job. 

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