Best Shark IQ Robot Vacuums

When it comes to automatic cleaning, Shark is one of the leading brands that know everything about floor care. Shark robotic vacuums are innovative, quick, and maneuverable. They can really bring home cleaning to a whole new level. So, if you want to make your life a bit easier, keep on reading and make your choice.


Robot convenience

on the floor

Compared to the original RV750 Shark ION Robot vacuum, Shark has upped its power with 3X suction in Max Mode, sending debris and pet hair straight to an XL dust cup.

Cleaning System S87

Increased sensitivity to obstacles and objects helps to avoid stuck situations and complete the cleaning job.

Shark ION Robot (R75)

Easily start or schedule cleanings with the SharkClean app or with voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Shark ION Robot R85

Shark ION Robot Vacuum R85 with Wi-Fi, Smart Sensor Navigation 2. 0, Powerful Suction and XL Dust Bin, and Self-Cleaning Brushroll (RV850), Ash Gray. Filter type - Non-washable filter

Shark ION Robot RV720

An easy-access dust bin detaches from the side, so you empty it quickly, easily, and without a mess.

Shark ION Robot S87

Understanding that one of the major complaints about robotic vacuums is their skipping corners, Shark has come up with a unique cleaning system consisting of both the robot and cordless handheld WANDVAC™, which allows the unit to effectively clean under furniture and in the corners as well as reach all those hard-to-get spots that robots usually miss.

Designed for homes with pets

Dual spinning side brushes and a self-cleaning brushroll combine to pull in debris and pet hair from floors, carpets, corners, and edges.

Wi-Fi app & voice enabled

Optional cleaning and scheduling from your smartphone or with voice control through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Shark ION Robot R85

The Shark ION R85 is another strong performer in the Shark’s robot lineup that has quite a lot to offer. It boasts powerful floor-to-carpet performance and can collect even the tiniest debris like pet hair and spills.

Dual-brush edge & corner cleaning

Two spinning side brushes pull in debris from corners and edges.

Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0

Increased sensitivity to obstacles and objects helps to avoid stuck situations and complete the cleaning job.

Shark ION Robot (R75)

At first glance, it may seem that the Shark ION Robot R75 is very basic, though, it is definitely not and it has many features going for it. First things first, we’d like to note a special Detangling technology – it helps the device to deal with hair, dust, and debris without you having to control it. Plus, it eliminates the need to brush clean surfaces afterward.

Floor-to-carpet, all-debris cleaning.

From floors to carpets, small to large debris, Shark gives you powerful suction for countless surfaces and messes.

Avoids getting stuck and scuffing

Proximity sensors ensure a careful clean to avoid collisions and stuck situations.

iRobot Roomba 690

Would you like to keep your beautiful hardwood or tiled floors clean? Tired of constantly dealing with spills in the kitchen? Don’t worry, the iRobot Roomba 690 will lend you a helping hand. Despite its tiny size, this smart gadget yields enough power to clean the entire house of dust and dirt in a minimum amount of time.

Loosen, lifts and suctions

3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes pick up everything from small particles to large debris.

Dirt, meet your match

Patented* Dirt Detect sensors alert the robot to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high-traffic zones of your home.

Shark ION Robot RV720

The Shark RV720 is the least sophisticated robot in the Shark’s range yet it does a great job as an auxiliary vac. It’s fairly comfortable on hardwood floors, low-pile carpets, laminate, and tile. Also, it shows more than passable results at cleaning pet hair and dander, largely owing to its unique brushroll.

Smart Sensor Navigation

Seamlessly navigates floors and carpets while proximity sensors assess and adapt to surrounding obstacles.

Remote Scheduling

Start cleaning or set a recurring cleaning schedule for each day of the week with an easy-to-use remote.

What Is a Shark Robotic Vacuum?

Shark or SharkNinja is a relatively new company that has already got its name in the cleaning industry. It became famous for its high-quality classic upright vacuum cleaners, which it still produces and does very well at that.

But now, Shark is diversifying their product range, taking the robot worlds by storm. The brand is pushing the boundaries with its innovative, 5-star robotic vacuums designed to improve and simplify your life.

Shark sweats the details to deliver you reliable cordless robots that can solve your above-floor and on-floor problems. Shark robotic vacuum cleaners are powerful, capacious, and maneuverable enough to keep your floors spotless, day after day.

And in case you want to remove not only dirt but also bacteria, bed bugs, fleas, and other nasties lurking in your house, you may be interested in Shark steam mops. This relentless innovator isn’t limited to vacuums. Their steamers can do a great sanitizing job, ridding you of need to deal with buckets, chemicals, and regular mops.

What Features to Compare


When it comes to robotic vacuums, the very first thing you need to consider is its intelligence. By this, we mean the number of sensors and navigation technology used. Today Shark robots use Smart sensor navigation 1.0 and Smart sensor navigation 2.0 technologies.

The earlier Shark vacuums use Smart sensor navigation 1.0 technology that utilizes a big number of IR sensors to detect objects. They are called proximity sensors that help a vac to avoid hitting furniture or other obstacles on its way. Take note that vacs move in a random pattern, so they deliver a thorough cleaning at the expense of efficiency. This technology can also be found in iRobot Roombas, DEEBOTs, and EcoVacs.

Models working on Smart sensor navigation 2.0 technology are usually more sophisticated and pricey accordingly. They use more sensitive sensors that won’t allow robots to crash into furniture or walls as it may happen with older models.

Collision sensors inform a cleaning robot if it’s near or in contact with some object; drop sensors prevent it from falling off a ledge; dirt sensors notify the robot of areas requiring a deeper clean. These super-intuitive sensors direct the vac in a random wall-to-wall pattern.

Connectivity Options

One more feature to take into account is the compatibility. Top-tier Shark robotic vacuums are featured with built-in Wi-Fi and can be paired with your phone or other smart devices. These robots are also usually compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control services. By choosing one of them, you’ll be able to accomplish the vacuuming tasks with zero effort from your side. And the special Shark app will let you give commands and schedule your cleaner using your smartphone wherever you are.


Sometimes, you may want to keep your robotic vacuum away from certain objects or even rooms. That’s why all Shark vacs are provided with BotBoundary strips – magnetic strips that are adjustable in size. You can simply place them across a doorway or form a halo around pet dishes to limit access to them.

Among other extras, we can highlight additional attachments and nozzles. For example, the most up-to-date model in Shark’s robots lineup comes with an additional handheld vac that can be used just anywhere in your house and out of it.


Here we provide some useful tips from the manufacturer, which can help you achieve the best cleaning results.

As you already know, all Shark robotic vacuum cleaners are designed with Smart Sensor technology (either version 1.0 or 2.0) so they can clean all your house and navigate their way out of tight spaces. However, during the first few cleanings, you can take some simple steps to get the most out of a robot’s performance.

  • Cords and other obstacles. You should make some adjustments to prepare your house for the first cleaning. Remember that loose cords, pet feeders, and other obstructions can create problems for your vacuum. That’s why you should clear away wires and other odd objects out of its way. Or you can simply block off the tricky areas with the included BotBoundary™ strip

  • Ultra low furniture. Almost all Shark robots may find their way under low-profile furniture but not all of them will be able to free themselves. If you can, use furniture risers to increase the clearance. But if it’s not the option in your house, it’s advisable to create no-go zones, using BotBoundary strips.

  • Doorway thresholds. Actually, all Shark robots easily climb over standard thresholds. However, it may be challenging for them to cross rather high thresholds. If that goes for your house, the manufacturer recommends setting the included BotBoundary strips in your doorways to block off tricky areas.

And here are the basic instructions on how to prepare your home using BotBoundary strips.

  1. Take the BotBoundary strip and cut it to the needed length. 18 inches is the minimum acceptable length. It can cover the whole perimeter of an obstacle or span the length of the doorway that you don’t want your robot to cross.
  2. Simply lay the strip flat on the surface. You can lay it right on the floor or under a carpet. Make sure that the BotBoundary strip is completely flat against the floor.
  3. All Shark vacs come with special connectors that can help you create the angles so as to adjust the BotBoundary strips to fit your room. You can use them if needed.

Tip: When setting up the BotBoundary strips, it’s better to either make a loop around a no-go zone with the included connectors or to directly place the strips between stationary objects, like door frames or legs of your sofa.

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