Rikon Bandsaw Review-Must Read Before You Buy

No matter if you are cutting wood or metal sheets, more than anything, bandsaws can be helpful for you. But choosing the right saw can be difficult. In the bandsaw market, Rikon’s name is well known for its state-of-art features and modern technologies. From the adjustable speed settings to the powerful motors, tilting table facility to the customizable guidepost, they are famous for a reason!

Let us know which saw from the brand is loved by the users and why! This Rikon bandsaw review will help you select one from the crowd!


One of the most

popular brands

Rikon, has amazing bandsaws that are loved by the users. However, not all saws are good. We will only discuss the best ones among their bandsaw line today!

Rikon Power Tools 10-326 Deluxe Bandsaw

The lowest cutting speed of the bandsaw is 100 RPM

Rikon 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Bandsaw

This is one of the improved versions of bandsaw by the company Rikon and includes

Rikon 10-305-Best Bandsaw With Fence Review

If you are concerned about the accurate cutting along with contoured cuts

Rikon 10-306 Bandsaw

The bandsaw frame and upper guide post are rigid, providing a good base for accurate resawing.

Rikon Power Tools 10-326 Deluxe Bandsaw

The lowest cutting speed of the bandsaw is 100 RPM, and the highest one is 2375 RPM. You can set the speed according to your requirement, depending on the project you are working on. It is a 10-inch bandsaw. Most of the bandsaws by the brand are 10-inch. However, there are also large saws available. But if you want moderate-sized cuts with a smoother finish, you can entirely rely on this 10-inch deluxe bandsaw.

In terms of safety, this saw provides the ultimate protection. It is designed in a manner that you quick electronic braking. So, you can stop any accident from happening. For safe operation, load spike detection is also included! As there are fifteen different speeds suggested for several materials, you will never be confused about which speed you need to choose for a specific workpiece.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful 1.75HP motor
  • Options for dual voltage
  • Designed for cutting several materials
  • Adjustable one-touch speed settings
  • Customizable rip-fence
Rikon 10-305-Best Bandsaw With Fence Review

As this is constructed with steel, you don’t need to worry about durability. The base is also made with the same material to keep it stable even in large surface areas. The table is generous in size, and you can comfortably work there! The manufacturer ensures that the table is thick and doesn’t need to risk your workpiece or safety! For versatility, the table has tilting ability too. You can move it to the right about 45 degrees and cut the wood in an accurate shape.

For making the straight lines more perfect, there is a metal rip fence added. Even if you are not a professional user, you can work with the straight cuts like a pro with it! For your safety, a paddle switch is also included. It is placed in the front part of the unit. You can press it anytime and stop your hard work from getting ruined! When it comes to the guidepost, it is highly adjustable. 

Highlighted Features

  • 1/3HP ample powered motor
  • Durable solid steel frame
  • Cast-iron work table
  • Customizable guidepost
  • Rip fence and dust port included

Rikon 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Bandsaw

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful 1/2HP motor
  • Double blade speeds
  • Large tiling work table
  • Miter gauge slot added
  • Contains dust port

The guide system is spring-loaded and tool-less. There is a viewing window for you too. To ensure your safety, the paddle switch will be ready. This saw is named as a deluxe saw for a reason! It doesn’t only make the material cutting process comfortable but also certifies that your cuts are accurate!


    Suitable for beginners but not for experts
Rikon 10-306 Bandsaw

Rikon’s new 10-in. bandsaw is a worthy addition to any woodworking shop whether big or small, pro or amateur. Small bandsaws like this are often derided as toys that can’t do precision work or don’t have enough power— not the case with this little critter. The 1⁄2-hp motor has all the power needed to resaw at its maximum capacity of 5 in., even in gnarly hardwood. I installed a 1⁄2-in., 4-tpi blade and found the rip/resaw rate to be very acceptable. 

The bandsaw frame and upper guide post are rigid, providing a good base for accurate resawing. The guides adjusted without tools, and setup overall was low-stress and easy. A little window on the end of the upper wheel house allows blade tracking even
with the door closed.

The saw has two speeds: 3,280 sfpm (surface feet per minute) for wood and 1,515 sfpm for soft metals and some plastics. A 13-3⁄4-in. by 12-1⁄2-in. table creates ample space for workpiece support. A securely locking, two-position high/low fence makes rip and resaw setups easy and secure. Small size doesn’t equal small performance with the 10-306. It’s a little workhorse that can pull its weight around the shop.

FAQs on Rikon Bandsaw Review

Is Rikon bandsaw any good?

Rikon is a fantastic brand for bandsaws and devices like this. The saws of this brand include adjustable speed for cutting different types of material. On the contrary, the work table it affords is large, with a tilting facility to work with flexibility. Their motors are decent, and with the dust port, the whole kit completes.

What speed should a bandsaw run at?

The most common speed for cutting wood with a bandsaw is one thousand feet every minute. This is the same as the Rikon bandsaws.

However, you can also rely on cutting the wood at a higher speed too. But we always recommend you to keep the Rikon bandsaw speed in the slower zone. This makes the cutting smooth and the process safe.

Which sized bandsaws by Rikon are the best?

Rokon manufactures several sized bandsaws. However, among all of the sizes, the 10-inch ones are the most popular.

These can provide you the perfect cut you are aiming for. But if you need a saw that is a bit larger, you can settle for their 14-inch saws. These are more powerful, and the cutting outcome is way better than the smaller sizes. The bandsaw sizes we mentioned here are the best among their products.

Wrap Up

So, now you know about the top three saws by this brand. With the help of this Rikon bandsaw review, you can easily choose your favorite saw from the list according to your requirements. Use it and make accurate cuts!

Also, don’t forget to tell us which Rikon saw was the best deal for you! Comment below to share with us about your bandsaw experience.

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