The Best Milwaukee Tool Deals for July 2021

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Whether you’re a builder or handyperson by trade, a DIY enthusiast, or just like to be able to take care of things around your home without recruiting help, a tool kit is a must. Manual screwdrivers, measuring tapes, hammers, wrenches, and pliers aren’t typically expensive. And yet, when you start exploring power tools, cordless equipment, and other modern gizmos, you’ll see they can cost a pretty penny.

Milwaukee Tool has been making high-quality hardware, electric devices, professional gear, and other gadgets for almost a century. On account of its trusted products, reliable designs, and innovative solutions, the brand has maintained a dedicated following. Though some of Milwaukee’s more advanced tools and kits are on the pricier end, it’s worth stocking up when you find them on sale.

If you’re in the market for a power drill, cordless installation set, impact driver, hammer drill, or any other tool that saves you time and makes your life easier, you’ve come to the right place. We scoured the internet to bring you a comprehensive list of the best Milwaukee products on sale right now, giving you the chance to save anywhere from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars.


Cordless Rotary Hammers,

Cordless Rotary Hammer

Bare Tool, Voltage 18.0, Chuck Type SDS Plus, Cordless Tool Battery Type Li-Ion, 0 to 4900 Blows per Minute, 0 to 1400 No Load RPM, Brushless Motor Yes, Stop Rotation Yes, 1 In. Capacity in Concrete, 1 In. 

Cordless Rotary Hammer

Battery Pack Replacement G4992714, Handle Type D-Handle, Features Anti-Vibration System, LED Light, Tool Length 12-31/64 In

Milwaukee 2505-22 M12

Inline grip allows for maximum tool control and easier access to hard to reach places

Cordless Drill/Driver, Bare, 18.0V, 1/2in.

The Milwaukee M18 Compact 1/2in. Drill Driver is a very compact drill driver. Built with a Milwaukee 4-pole frameless motor

M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless

Includes M18 brushless drill, impact driver, and multi-tool

Cordless Rotary Hammer

If you need to demo part of your basement, remove pavement from your patio, or break up a concrete pathway, you’ll be glad to have the FUEL Rotary Hammer on hand. This cordless power tool runs on a lithium-ion battery and delivers up to 4,900 blows per minute. Weighing just 7 pounds with an anti-vibration system, it’s designed to minimize fatigue during the most demanding jobs.

  • Power Tools and Accessories
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee

Cordless Rotary Hammers, Cordless Rotary Hammer, Bare Tool, Voltage 18.0, Chuck Type SDS Plus, Cordless Tool Battery Type Li-Ion

Cordless Drill/Driver, Bare, 18.0V, 1/2in.

Looking for a replacement to your weathered drill that finally stopped working? This no-frills cordless drill serves to replace your much-beloved tool. Since it’s only the base, it’s a great drill replacement for a Milwaukee toolset, especially when you don’t need the extra nuts and bolts that come with drill kits.

These cordless pistol-grip drills are powered by DEWALT batteries of a compatible series and matching voltage. Their pistol grip eases handling and operation for holemaking and fastening tasks. Tools using lower-voltage batteries are generally lighter and more compact but less powerful than tools using higher-voltage batteries.

Tools using lower-capacity (Ah) batteries are less bulky but store less power than tools using higher-capacity batteries. Tool batteries can also power other tools of the same brand, battery series, and voltage.

Milwaukee 2505-22 M12 Fuel Installation Drill

With the M12 FUEL 4-in-1 Installation Kit, you can install shelves, mount TVs, and hang pictures around your home with ease. You’ll get a brushless, cordless driver tool with four heads, including a chuck, a hex, an offset driver, and a right-angle attachment, plus a battery-powered ratchet and included contractor carrying case. The compact design and ergonomic grip make it easy to maneuver, and a magnetic bit holder helps you keep track of everything without sacrificing productivity.

  • OFFSET ATTACHMENT: Offset Attachment provides ultimate access to tight corners and will not damage or mar finished materials when fastening
  • RIGHT ANGLE ATTACHMENT: Right Angle Attachment provides efficient fastening and/or drilling at 90 degrees for unrivaled access in tight spaces
  • VERSATILE: All Metal 3/8” Chuck and ¼” Hex attachments add to user productivity by delivering the versatility to efficiently perform most drilling & fastening applications
  • MAGNETIC BIT HOLDER: Magnetic Bit Holder holds multiple bits on board to save time when switching accessories
  • INLINE GRIP: Inline grip allows for maximum tool control and easier access to hard to reach places
M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless

Take your power tool game up a notch with the Cordless 3-Tool Combo Kit. You’ll get an 18-volt brushless drill driver, an extra-fast hex impact driver, and an oscillating multi-tool for sawing, sanding, scraping and grinding. Like all other Milwaukee products, each component is designed for efficiency and comfort.

The 2892-22CTM M18 3-Tool Combo Kit includes the 1/2 in. Compact Brushless Drill Driver (2801-20), the 1/4 in. Hex Compact Brushless Impact Driver (2850-20), and the Oscillating Multi-Tool (2626-20). The M18 Cordless System’s Patented technologies and electronics, innovative motor design and superior ergonomics provide the most efficient blend of power, weight and performance in the industry.

The M18 Compact Brushless Drill/Driver is the Most powerful compact 18-Volt drill on the market. The M18 1/4 in. Hex Compact Brushless Impact Driver has the fastest application speed its class and delivers 1,600 in./lbs. of torque. The M18 Oscillating Multi-Tool cuts up to 50% faster and delivers up to 2X more cuts per charge than the competitors.

M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless

If you want to have an entire tool set handy to finish building that springtime deck, or just even to update your outdoor space, this tool kit comes with eight different tools along with extra batteries. A smaller bag means you can store those extra batteries for any light travelling needs.

The Milwaukee M18 Cordless Lithium-Ion 8-Tool Combo Kit includes the M18 Compact Drill/Driver (2606-20), M18 1/4 in. Hex Impact Driver (2656-20), M18 Multi-Tool (2626-20), M18 6-1/2 in. Circular Saw (2630-20), M18 4-1/2 in. Cut-off/Grinder (2680-20), M18 HACKZALL (2625-20), M18 1/2 in. HTIW with ring (2663-20) and M18 LED Flashlight (2735-20), 3 REDLITHIUM XC 4.0 battery packs (48-11-1840) and M12/M18 Multi-Voltage Charger (48-59-1812).

The M18 cordless system’s patented technologies and electronics, innovative motor design and superior ergonomics provide users with the most efficient blend of power, weight and performance in its class. The tools are powered by Milwaukee REDLITHIUM XC 4.0 lithium-ion batteries, delivering more torque, more power and longer run-time than the competition. SHOCKWAVE Impact Driver Bits are engineered to be the Most Durable, Best Fitting driver bits on the market. The Wear Guard Tip delivers increased wear resistance which protects the fit over the life of the bit.


Whenever you’re doing a repair, large or small, you want to have the right set of tools on hand. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to stop in the middle of a task to run to the store because you don’t have what you need. To be prepared, you might want to purchase a comprehensive set of reliable tools, and Milwaukee makes sets for just about every repair need.

Milwaukee has been manufacturing quality tools for nearly 100 years. Besides selling tools individually, the company also offers a wide variety of tool sets that are curated to match various home repair needs. However, with hundreds of tools available and numerous possible combinations of those tools, you might need a little help determining which set is best for you.

This buying guide walks you through your options to help you make the most informed choice. It covers what tools you can expect to find in various sets and offers some safety tips as well. If you’d prefer to make a quick selection, consider one of the Milwaukee tool sets that we’ve spotlighted above.


Manual vs. powered

Manual: Milwaukee has an extensive selection of tool sets, including both manual and powered tools. While there are over 400 different types of manual tools available, the sets are limited. If you’re looking for a collection of Milwaukee manual tools, they’re only available according to type. You can find a ratchet and socket set, screwdriver set, wrench set, an assortment of pliers, or some other similarly themed set. When choosing a set of Milwaukee manual tools, you’ll likely be making that decision based on the type of tool you need at the moment.

Powered: A Milwaukee power tool set is a diverse collection of tools that can handle a wide variety of tasks. When you choose one of these sets, you’re more likely focused on finding something that can serve you well for many years to come, no matter what your needs.

Battery system

When deciding which Milwaukee tool set to buy, your primary concern is choosing the battery system. This is important because there are two and they are not compatible.

M12: This is a 12-volt system. The battery is smaller and lighter, and the tools are smaller, lighter, and less powerful than those in the M18 system. The M12 tools are best for the homeowner who doesn’t have a need for heavy-duty power tools.

M18: This is an 18-volt system. The battery in these tools is larger and heavier. The M18 tools are larger and heavier too, making them slightly more difficult to wield. These tools are designed for situations where heavy-duty usage is required. Also, there is a wider selection of tools available in the M18 battery system.



Milwaukee sets differ based on which tools are included. To give you an idea of your options, here are the top tools available. You will find from two to eight different tools in a set, depending on the set you choose.

Drill/driver: A drill/driver is used for drilling holes and driving screws. It’s one of the most frequently used tools in your power tool arsenal.

Impact driver: An impact driver is a heavy-duty option compared to a standard driver. It’s best for driving larger quantities as well as longer screws.

Hammer drill/driver: This drill/driver has a hammering action that when turned on makes drilling through materials like concrete possible.

Circular saw: This tool spins a circular blade, making it one of the most useful carpentry tools available. Depending on the blade, this saw can cut through a wide variety of materials.

Reciprocating saw: This is a handheld saw that moves up and down. Depending on the blade, this tool can cut through a variety of materials and is often used in demolition work.

Grinder: Rather than cutting through material, a grinder uses abrasive blades to chip away at a surface. This handy device can be used for everything from grinding to cutting to polishing to sharpening.

Random orbital sander: This tool is used to sand a surface either to remove material or to prepare it for painting. The movement of this sander makes it less prone to leaving circular marks in your finished work.

LED work light: Even if you’ll never be working in a dark area, you always want the best light possible for safety reasons. An LED work light is portable and lets you easily see what you’re doing.

Compact blower: This little device, which resembles a leaf blower, is used to quickly clean up a jobsite.

Wet/dry vac: The wet/dry vac that comes with a Milwaukee tool set is a compact device that’s about the size of a toolbox. You can use this item to quickly clean up your work area.

Battery and charger: Every Milwaukee power tool set comes with a battery and a charger. If you do more than light-duty work, look for a tool set that includes a backup battery so you can keep working while one battery recharges.

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