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Do you want a wood lathe that is versatile as your crafting? Then the all-new Jet JWL 1440 VSK is a great lathe with features that can do the woodturning project without any hassle and any fail.

It is your lucky day because today’s review will give you some know-about of this impressive lathe under your radar.

Jet 1440VSK has a powerful motor that will surprise you even with the single horsepower of its size. Coming with installed iron cast legs, it boasts the ability to have variable speeds with an RPM range of 400 to 3,000.


Everything from

variable speed control

this lathe is designed very professionally to motivate you in woodturning.

Jet JWL-1440VSK Wood Lathe Review

Would not that be odd if you hear the lathe making a trembling sound right after you turned up the speed a little bit in the middle of your work?

JET 1221VS Lathe

In the case of woodwork, this lathe’s main goal is to smooth the wood at different speeds as required

Jet JWL-1015 Woodworking

A mini wood lathe is the perfect solution to trying your hand at small wood turning projects

Jet JWL 1236 Wood Lathe

The lightweight lathe has a 34.5 inches distance between the center and is able to turn material of 12 inches in diameter.

Jet JWL-1440VSK Wood Lathe Review

Jet JWL 1440VSK features a 141/2-inch swing with a whopping 40 inches between the centers to better clear the crafting job involved.

Also, there is a 12-inch-long tool rest that needs repositioning a couple of times so that the long spindle is firm like the legs of the table.

The lathe’s headstock is not limited to just staying stationary, you can rotate it for outboard turning and bowl turning.


  • The iron cast construction offers sturdy and vibration-less woodturning.
  • The variable-speed motor gives the user an ultimate customization option.
  • The 40-inch inboard working bed has the option to enlarge even in greater size.
  • It’s a true 1 horsepower motor.


  • The weight of the lathe is 353 pounds, which is a bit too heavy side.
  • So, moving around places is a difficult task to do.
  • The lowest RPM of the lathe is 400, which is still very high for beginners.
  • The price is pretty high for beginners who are just starting woodturning.
Jet JWL-1015 Woodworking

The Jet JWL-1015 is great equipment for a beginner wood turner who wants to buy an inexpensive, easy to use lathe or a professional who is looking to add a mini lathe in their workshop. Woodturning can be fun even for an inexperienced wood turner, but buying your first lathe can be difficult. As soon as you have discovered the size of your project and the horsepower you need, you should spend time researching them.

The JWL-1015 is available in the standard version that has six variable speeds or in the variable speed version that comes with three adjustable speed ranges. 

The six spindle speeds of 500, 840, 1240, 2630 and 3975 makes this tool versatile as you can change speeds ever so slightly (this is handy in the lower range for roughing out a blank).

JET 1221VS Lathe

Needless to say, the current JET lathe is larger in shape and more massive than the previous ones. It weighs about 130 pounds and has a very strong head, tailstock, and benzo.

As it is heavier than the previous lathes, it can absorb any kind of vibrations. For this reason, you will feel comfortable enough to do thick woodwork or big project work.

Pros of JET 1221VS Lathe

  • Very easy to manage, and digital speed control is also great.
  • It makes no noise while working.
  • Very solid and has eight holes to secure the wood.
  • Extremely sturdy, zero vibration.
  • Have easier moves of the tailstock, tool rest base, locks in place easily, stay put, and don’t slip at all.

Cons of JET 1221VS Lathe

  • Too much weight, difficult to move alone.
  • After a few months of use, the bearing’s efficiency significantly reduces and changes may be required.
  • Some users have complained about its control.
Jet JWL 1236 Wood Lathe

An interesting feature of this lathe is its rotating headstock. It makes it really nice for sanding or doing some turning where you don’t wanna reach over the turn on the lathe.

In addition, the headstock includes a motor with a horsepower of ¾. The motor is covered in a metal casing to give it more durability.


    The headstock can be rotated
    Reeves-type belt system allows the speed to be changed quickly
    Reasonably priced


    The placement of motor may cause problems while turning bowls
    Makes a lot of sounds

Things Should You Keep In Mind Before Buying a Lathe


A sturdy base is essential for smoothing the wood properly and giving it a perfect shape.

Remember that the heavier the lathe bed or base, the more convenient your work will be because heavy bed or base absorbs vibration, and you can work comfortably with minimal vibration.

Most of the lathe beds are made of cast iron. So before you buy, take a good look at the base of your lathe, whether it is made of required metal and have the ability to absorb vibrations.

Lathe Measures

You must pay attention to the lathe’s two aspects when it comes to measurements: the distance between the two centres and the swing.

The maximum distance between the two centres determines the maximum length of wood you can rotate.

If you work with shorter wood, you can do with smaller and low budget lathes as needed which is convenient for both transportation and woodwork.

Swing, to speak in general, means the maximum diameter of the wood you can rotate.

Therefore, before buying a wood lathe, one has to be careful about the distance between the two centres and the wood’s maximum diameter as there no problem occurs in turning large wood.

Motors, Headstock, Tailstock, Tool rests, and Others

Most leather motors range from 1/8 horsepower to 3 horsepower. The more powerful the motors are, the more you can turn the heavier wood.

A thread connects the headstock and the motor.

Before you buy, check that the thread used in your leg is of good quality.

Also, find out that the thread will work if you update the headstock material later.

Both tailstock and tool rest is the movable part of the lathe. Also, check if the tailstock can be moved appropriately and locked correctly.

Usually, the length of the tool rest is about 10 inches. The tool rest must be heavy and spontaneously movable.

Both tailstock and tool rest must have a perfect lock system; otherwise, it will be difficult and dangerous to work. Heavy tool rest absorbs vibration, and you can work comfortably.

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