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Grizzly makes precision blades, but how do their table saws hold up? In order to help you avoid a mishap in your workshop and a ruined project, our professional team has conducted a series of Grizzly table saw reviews. Our guide will outline various table saw models that will suit different needs and give you the exact cut, speed, and precision you’re looking for.


Designed with performance

and mobility in mind

this saw improves productivity even if your shop is on the road. The 2 HP motor electronically manages torque and blade speed to direct more power to the motor when cutting into dense or thick wood. 

Grizzly Industrial G0869

If what you need is an everyday product suited for homeowners, hobbyists, and DIYers, then the Grizzly G0869 is our team’s recommendation.

Grizzly Industrial G0697X

For those looking for something more heavy-duty than a household saw but don’t

Grizzly Industrial G0699

For the absolute best when it comes to heavy-duty work, our team was impressed by the G0699’s capabilities.

Grizzly Industrial G0820

he G0820 also has a large rip capacity and can make cross cuts with a fully adjustable system.

Grizzly Industrial G0869

You can find with your package a 10-inch 40-tooth carbide blade, which is great for wood cutting especially at an RPM of 4200. The G0869 allows users to make a macro and micro fence adjustments with the rack and pinion system. To make your cut job easier with larger materials, there is an outfeed extension bar that will offer support.



Grizzly Industrial G0699

The Grizzly G0699 is a powerful model with a 7-½ motor and a 12-inch blade. The blade guard is clear on this model, which means you can achieve safety and accuracy harmoniously.

Then there are the micro-adjustable rip fence, the table extensions, and the separate 1 HP scoring blade that justifies the high price tag of the G0699.


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Grizzly Industrial G0697X

It comes with a 5 HP single-phase or 7-½ HP 3-phase motor and is excellent at handling dado cuts. The G0697X also takes up less space than larger commercial models.

Mostly constructed of cast iron, the Grizzly table saw is outfitted with helpful features such as a magnetic switch to give you the best cut and keep you safe at the same time.



Grizzly Industrial G0820

As an essential woodworking tool, the G0820 is a workhorse and can handle industrial-grade jobs thanks to the separate main blade and separate blade scoring. Like most of Grizzly’s other top table saw models, the G0820 also has micro fence adjustments, a riving knife, and thermal overload protection.



Grizzly Table Saw Buyer’s Guide

Size And Weight

Some of the models our experts chose are very heavy, so they would become more of a permanent fixture in your workshop. The heavier ones are also larger with powerful motors suited for industrial-duty jobs. If you want a unit that is more portable for small projects, our team would suggest the G0869.

Motor Power

The motor power will dictate at what speed you can get through materials and what materials you can work with. The motor is measured in HP [1] or horsepower, and the higher the number, the more power the table saw can generate.

Cutting Capacity

All the models our professional team chose for our Grizzly table saw review have large cutting capacities. Depending on what sort of project you’re working on and what cut you need, check if your machine can make cross cuts, rip cuts, dados, and more.

Dust Collection

Even if your machine doesn’t come with its dust collection system, our team stresses the importance of at least having a dust port. The dust port will connect to your shop vac and make cleanup easier.

Safety Features

For safety features, our team recommends looking for a large emergency stop button, a blade guard, a riving knife, and more.

Price And Warranty

As always, our experts included equipment in many price ranges for everyday workers to industrialists. Set your budget, assess your needs, and choose the right one for you.

Make sure your product is protected by an extensive warranty, which Grizzly products do provide.

(For a list of other brand providing reasonable warranty, you can also check the best Ryobi table saws here)


Are Grizzly Table Saws Any Good?

Yes, Grizzly table saws are good. The brand is a trusted and reliable one and they produce a range of table saws suited for homeowners and professionals alike. Their items are made with cast iron and come with various features to facilitate usage.

Where Are Grizzly Table Saws Made?

Grizzly table saws are made in China. They used to be made in Taiwan, where some models or components maybe still be manufactured there. Grizzly’s products need to pass quality control inspection before being shipped out.
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