Best Clam Outdoors 2021

Large enough to hold a family of six and cover a picnic table, the Clam Outdoors Quick-Set Escape is optimized for sun, rain, and bug protection. The unique design makes setup remarkably fast but also has the potential to make setup extremely complicated. The 11-mm fiberglass poles make this tent feel very sturdy, and the stakes and guy-lines give this already sturdy tent even more stability. The durable materials and structural design will give this tent longevity even in inclement weather.


Best Clam Outdoors 2021

Clam Outdoors


The Quick-Set Venture is a 5-sided pop-up screen shelter with the best of both worlds — small enough to be easily packed and transported, and yet big enough to offer enough room a table and a few people inside. It has all the same great features you expect from a QuickSet— 45 second set-up, no-see-um mesh to keep the smallest biting insects out, and protection from the sun and rain. The Venture screen tent is perfect for the family on the go! Great for decks, camping, BBQs, kids sporting events, and much more!

Legend XL Thermal

Mr. Ice Fishing himself, Dave Genz, started the mobile fishing concept. He designed the first Fish Trap, and many companies followed. Working off Genz’s original idea, a legend was born. The “Legend Thermal” has everything the ice angler will need and want in a one-person shelter— full thermal top, lightweight design, rod storage, and deluxe seat system, to name a few. A light gray tub makes finding gear easy, and the thermal skin retains heat, burning less propane. Genz himself put his stamp of approval making this one of the best one-person shelters on the market. 

Kenai Pro

The Kenai Pro was initially introduced with several great features, including a newly designed tub and additional roof support pole. As a true “flip and go” fish trap, the Kenai Pro is perfect for the angler that likes to stay on the move. All of these features have made the Kenai Pro one of our best selling shelters on the market. Efficiency is the name of the game for mobile ice fishing – and the Kenai Pro offers it all.

Nanook XL

The Nanook XL is a portable, flip-over fish house that allows two anglers to fish comfortably side-by-side. Or for larger guys, the Nanook XL works as a great one-person shelter. And with our exclusive Symmetry Door System, anglers can get in and out of the shelter with ease. This model has been one of Clam’s most popular fish houses over the years. This lightweight shelter cuts through the snow and glides effortlessly across the ice to set you on top of the perfect spot. 

X200 Thermal

The X200 Thermal portable flip-over shelter by Clam Outdoors features a full thermal skin, heavy-duty 1 ¼ pole system, and comfortable deluxe seats and is built to withstand the harshest conditions. This shelter features a one-piece round hoop pole system, which is far superior to a three piece pole system found on the market. Thirty-four square feet of fishable space allows for plenty of room to land that trophy of a lifetime. The thermal skin keeps you, your kids, or buddies stay warm and comfortable all day! Four total doors, including side doors, allow anglers to get in and out of the shelter with ease without stepping over holes or gear.  This shelter includes a three-year warranty. 

Performance Comparison


Wide open doors allow for easy access and protection.
Photo: Michael Wood


With 94 square feet of floor space and 7.5 feet of head clearance, this tent can hold the whole family and the picnic table. The rounded design makes the interior feel even more spacious than its square counterparts. The pull-away netting allows for a wide, welcoming entrance that can be easily zipped back up to offer full bug protection. There is only one entrance, which limits access but increases the durability, stability, and protection provided by the shelter. The doorway has two foldaway poles which give the entry form and stability.

This shelter can easily fit a picnic table while still saving space for additional occupants.

Ease of Setup

Clam boasts a 45 second setup time, which is possible although the first few times you may be more likely to come across a 15-20 minute time. The instructions came on a hard to read, black and white collection of printer papers, but we suggest you read them thoroughly as this tent does not utilize a common tent pole system. This shelter relies on a series of pull tabs which, when angled correctly, pop out each tent side making setup straightforward even for a single person. There are times, however, if the starting orientation is askew when it will seem impossible to untangle corners from one another, which three of us learned during our first 18 minute setup time. Once familiar with the design, however, setup will be much closer to the 45 sec to 1 min mark, and tent poles will seem like a thing of the past. This design not only allows for quick setups but also make packing this tent away much faster.

The pop-out system used to set-up the tent.

Wind Resistance

At 32.5 lbs, this shelter is much more resistant to the wind than lightweight camping canopies. Its weight in addition to its guy-lines and stakes make it a much more dependable option in windy conditions. Rather than bending the poles, any severe wind may just collapse one of the sides, which can be corrected by a shove in the opposing direction (detailed below).


Made of a 210 denier poly-oxford fabric with 600 deniers in the center section of the roof and 50+ UV guard protection, this tent will protect from wind, sun, rain, and bugs. Each corner is triple-layered to increase durability and leak resistance. The six tent stakes and guy-lines provided make this durable tent even more stable, and because the sides rely on a pop-out system, any wind strong enough will just pop in a side rather than bending or damaging poles. This can be corrected by simply pushing that collapsed side from the inside of the tent.

One side collapsed, requiring a push in the opposite direction to pop back into place. This ability to partially collapse, instead of bend and break, adds to this tent’s durability. If you’re inside, though, it’s not the most pleasant experience.
Photo: Michael Wood


This tent is heavy compared to other camping canopies and would be easier to transport if it weren’t for the lopsided design and mediocre travel case. The case itself only comes with hand straps, which dig into the hand due to the high weight. One tester had to carry this tent about a quarter of a mile and complained the entire way about the lack of a shoulder strap or wheels. Mobility-wise, there are better options. Once erect, however, due to the large front opening, this tent is easy to readjust or place over picnic tables.

Packing up this tent lead to a lopsided travel case every time we tried it.
Photo: Michael Wood

Best Application

Due to its durable nature and quick set up, this tent excels at protecting groups of six or less from insects or the elements. We’d recommend at least two people to set this one up initially, but once you understand the design, it can be set up remarkably fast. Best for campgrounds, this shelter can easily fit over most picnic tables.


This tent is certainly an investment. However, if your family likes to car camp and you want to protect them, and your food, from all that nature throws at you, this may be a good buy. Due to its strong materials and stability, this is an excellent shelter to rely on. Built to last.

When camping in some backcountry environments, it can be useful to have a colorful tent. This camping canopy, though, won’t ever head into such places, and so we’re glad it blends into the forest surroundings well.


The fast setup and impressive durability of this shelter make it an excellent choice for any campers who are looking for protection from the weather, sun, and pesky bugs. The unique design, though occasionally a hassle, makes this tent durable, spacious, and easy to use. A great camping option, with the longevity to keep your family protected for many years to come. Our testers found a few flaws but still enjoyed using this tent overall.

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