If you are looking for a reliable monitor with powerful performance, take a look at these Acer monitors. They are known for their advanced specs, impressive refresh rates, high resolution and decent response time.


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Acer XB253Q 24.5"

The Predator XB253Q features a Full HD screen boasting a 1920x1080 resolution.

Acer Nitro VG272 27"

The monitor offers a 1080p and a 144Hz while its IPS display delivers amazing image quality and smooth transitions.

Acer BW257 bmiprx 25"

The picture quality is at the top-notch level if you compare this device to other inexpensive monitors.

Acer Predator X34 34"

Because of it, you might notice some signs of glowing in the corners and near the edges of the display.

Acer Predator XB253Q

Thanks to liquid crystal technology, this 24.5-inch IPS display offers fantastic visuals and consistent picture quality regardless of your viewing angle.

With low input lag, you won’t notice any signs of ghosting or blur while playing action-packed games.

⊕ Unprecedented speed
⊕ IPS support
⊕ Bezel-less design
⊕ 144Hz refresh rate

⊖ Comes without speakers

Acer BW257 bmiprx 25"

Thanks to its ultra-high 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 4ms response time, you can play the recent games without seeing any signs of tear or blur. The streamlined design contributes to the overall expensive look of this Acer monitor.

Thanks to the hardly noticeable bezels, the model seems virtually frameless.

⊕ Worth its money
⊕ Stunning color accuracy
⊕ Bulky base

⊖ Poor quality of the internal speakers

Acer Nitro VG272 27"

Gamers will appreciate a 3ms response time. It accounts for the absence of any signs of ghosting or blur. Even in fast-paced games, the quality of visuals will stay consistent across the screen.

To fully enjoy the low response time, turn on the Extreme overdrive mode.

If you use FreeSync, the monitor will work in the Normal mode only. The only significant drawback is that the HDR feature is rather unimpressive, just like in many other monitors that come at a similar price.

⊕ Amazing image quality
⊕ FreeSync support
⊕ High refresh rate
⊕ No signs of ghosting

⊖ High price
⊖Comes without speakers

Acer Predator X34 34"

The Acer X34P has an input lag of about 9ms. Thanks to the short response times and amazing refresh rate, you can enjoy great visuals while playing your favorite games.

The refresh rate is synchronized and can reach 120Hz. You can choose a 30Hz refresh rate as well.

If an FPS rate is below this limit, you won’t see any signs of screen tearing or stuttering. The display comes with an input lag of about 1ms.

⊕ High-end design
⊕ Fantastic picture quality
⊕ G-Sync support
⊕ Decent built-in speakers

⊖ Expensive
⊖ IPS glow effect

Acer CB272 bmiprx 27"

This Acer monitor delivers vivid colors and highly realistic visuals. As it supports AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, the frame rate will depend on your GPU’s capabilities, which is extremely useful if you have powerful hardware.

⊕ Modern design
⊕ A lot of features
⊕ AMD FreeSync technology
⊕ Amazing gaming performance

⊖ A bit expensive
⊖ Color accuracy isn’t the best possible
⊖ Limited warranty


  • • Are Acer monitors really good?

The company has become a leading manufacturer on the market. It designs several lineups that come at different prices. Whether you need to purchase the best Acer monitor for gaming or work-related tasks, you will easily find an option just for you. Its closest competitor is Alienware owned by Dell. It is known for creating powerful laptops, PCs, and monitors for gaming.

  • • What are connectivity options for an Acer monitor?

To connect a monitor to your PC, use HDMI ports. You can easily find this type of port on your computer as it is usually located not far from DVI or VGA GPU inputs.

  • • What brand is better, Dell or Acer?

If after reading Acer computer monitors reviews you want to know which company is more reliable, note that when it comes to laptops, Dell is famous for its 3-cell batteries that have large capacity than Acer’s 4-cell ones. If you take a look at the devices that are sold at a similar price, you will notice that Dell designs laptops with larger screens. There are lots of great 30-inch monitors on sale. Dell offers laptops with different CPUs as well, so the prices of their devices might range significantly.

  • • Is Acer a reliable brand?

After thorough testing of Acer laptops, we have to conclude that they have scored only 3.4 stars. It’s the worst result among other brands. However, Acer’s Aspire E 15 is one of the best laptops under $300 and $500 that we have tested as it has amazing battery capacity and offers powerful performance.

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